Band of The Day #554 - UNKNWN

UNKNWN is Belfast producer Chris Hanna. He started producing music under the moniker UNKNWN halfway through 2012, with the numbered series #001 - #010 and several remixes appearing on YouTube.

After a meeting through a mutual friend, he teamed up with Dublin-born producer/singer Gemma Dunleavy, and the two recorded the track “I Cry”. Since then they have permanently teamed up to work together as UNKNWN, recently joining Ben Pearce’s Purp & Soul agency. The pair make masterfully accomplised sounds. It’s murky and mysterious with disembodied vocal samples and strong echoes of Burial's haunted two-step.

Since teaming up, these guys have received support from the likes of Pitchfork, Boiler Room, BBC Radio 1, Annie Mac, John Talabot, Ben Pearce, The Needle Drop, Dummy, Noisey, Ellie Goulding, SPIN among others, and will be releasing their debut EP this Summer. Add them to your must-see list at TGE14.

Band of The Day #553 - Buffalo Daughter

Japanese sonic collagists Buffalo Daughter formed in 1993 and are made up of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists SuGar Yoshinaga and Yumiko Ohno along with turntablist Moog Yamamoto.

Their highly original sound is heavily influenced by German progressive rock and techno pop, fused with bits of dub, club, shoe gaze and post-rock influences. Given their mix and match style, and that they emerged in the mid-90s, they are often considered as part of the Shibuya-kei movement.These guys have certainly been making a mark with their music for quite some time now and we are excited to have them playing at this year’s Great Escape.

Band of The Day #552 - The Mispers

Considering that the word ‘Misper’ is a police term for a missing person, it’s no wonder that this alt-rock quintet from London decided to coin it as their moniker. It’s the perfect fit for their ideology; to break away from the ‘norm’ and start their own community of like-minded individuals and go missing together.

So far, these guys have a perfect record of sold-out shows and this speedy rise looks set to continue throughout 2014. With no boundaries or rules and the doors always open to their sweat-drenched world, this year’s Great Escape is the perfect time to disappear and discover The Mispers. Make sure you check out the video for ‘Brother’ below.

Band of The Day #551 – Black City Lights

You would not expect that this band, who call their music “dark pop” and “cold wave” are hailing from the quiet bay city of Wellington in New Zealand. Black City Lights are the dark opponent to the peacefulness Wellington might offer.

The duo is comprised of producer Calum Robb and Julia Catherina Parr, whose bold and expressive vocals beautifully compliment Robb’s ethereal and cinematic sound landscape. This mixture of dark voices and neon beats, hinting at Zola Jesus and The XX, has attracted international acclaim in only a short space of time.

Black City Lights have supported the likes of Grimes, Bathes and Van She and will be touring the UK throughout May and June, including a stop off at The Great Escape in Brighton.

Band of The Day #550 - Ghost Beach
Josh Ocean and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn are the New York based duo, Ghost Beach who are making waves with their synth-laden, 80s influenced, retro-future goodness.

The pair indulge in endless variations of pop, topped with epic guitar solos to shape their seductively great sound. This is feel-good, contagious music glazed with an impressive glitter factor. With Josh’s beautiful and flamboyant vocals paired with Eric’s soaring synths, guitars and forever young harmonies we’re expecting they will be heard from afar at The Great Escape this year. Make sure you check out their album ‘Blonde’ along with the killer new single ‘Miracle’.

Band of The Day #549 – Electric Eye

With their members coming from some of Bergen’s leading underground bands (Hypertext, The Megaphonic Thrift, The Alexandria Quartet and Dig Deeper) there is nothing else to expect from this Norwegian super group, other than pure musical gifts.

After releasing their highly anticipated debut ‘Pick-Up, Lift-off, Space, Time’ last April and receiving raving reviews first in Norway than the rest of the world; Electric Eye went on tour and playing several festivals in Europe and the US including SXSW. They are back in the studio to work on their second droned out, psychedelic space-rock album, which we cannot wait to hear.

Band of The Day #548 – Little Matador

Today marks the release of Little Matador’s self-titled debut album “Little Matador” – and what a beast of a record this is. Although they are a relatively new band, their members boost with rock’n’roll experience. Former Snow Patrol guitarist now turned front man Nathan Connolly put together a smashing quintet, whose members have played in the likes of Idlewild, The Frames and Tired Pony.

The band recorded their album together with producer Sam Bell in Metropolis Studios in London creating a debut which is filled with loudness, energy and pounding rock’n’roll beats. Empowering, aggressive, thrilling - it’s the perfect record to get dirty to. Little Matador will be gracing us with their presence on day 1 of TGE14.

Band of the Day #547 - Still Parade

Based in Germany’s creative core, Berlin, Niklas Karmer of Still Parade makes hazy, dreamy folk-pop goodness layered softly with synths and delicate vocals .

It’s the kind of music that’s all about letting go and being lost with your thoughts. The gentle guitar and dusky vocals give this music a unique and thought provoking quality to accompany this mantra perfectly. The album took three years to perfect and encompasses the perfect mix of familiar folk with warm electro beats. We are very pleased to have Still Parade making the trip to Brighton to play this year’s festival.

Band of the Day #546 - Angel at my Table

Loaded with lush guitars, catchy melodies and unique vocals, Luxembourg’s five piece Angel At My Table produce a fresh and distinctive powerpop sound.

Delicately and respectfully blending the mystical magic of Bon Iver with the raw sensibilities Cobain and Regina Spektor, singer Annie Eve, pours sugar and bitter spice into her angelic compositions with disturbing ease and sincerity. These guys have been lucky enough to rub shoulders and open the stage for some of their favourite bands including Paramore, Billy Talent, One Republic, Biffy Clyro and Good Charlotte. Be sure to catch them at The Great Escape on Friday 9th May.

Band of The Day #545 - Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow is anything but your ordinary hip hop artist. This 20 year old talent is being praised as the next star to explode out of Ireland. Having performed alongside King Krule, MF Doom and Kendrick Lamar, Mr Snow has already garnered a cult following in the UK and is slowly spreading his rhymes across the European continent. A debut album is due this year and you can catch this rising star live in Brighton with The Great Escape 2014.

Band of the Day #544 - Bridie Jackson and the Arbour

Newcastle based four piece, Bridie Jackson and The Arbour are an eclectic group of folk-influenced musicians. Hauntingly ethereal, yet fused with dark and powerful undertones; this eccentric ensemble inject contradictions galore, with their union of bright melody and sombre lyricism. Sitting somewhere between the lushness of Norah Jones and quirkiness of Joanna Newsom, Bridie Jackson and The Arbour create songs that intertwine melancholy with joyful rich harmonies.

With support coming from radio taste-makers like Lauren Laverne and Dermot O’Leary, Bridie and co are certainly tickling the right tastebuds.

Band of The Day #543 - BRNS

Hot off touring with the likes of Cloud Nothings, Yeasayer and SUUNS and hailing from the medieval and postmodern corners of Brussels come BRNS, a mesmerizing experiment in dusk, dance, and the fullness of sound. This quartet of talented multi-instrumentalists weave together tunes that are mystical, moody and insatiably catchy.

From the visceral and danceable ‘Mexico’, to the pulsating anthem of ‘Here Dead He Lies’, BRNS is ceaseless in their ability to unfold haunting ambience into chest-pounding beats, and then back again. Listen to their ‘Wounded’ EP here and you’ll see what we mean. Their full length record ‘Patine’ is due out in August this year and if you consider yourself a fan of anything from Animal Collective to Fugazi, then come and see them at this year’s Great Escape, you may well find your new favourite band…

Band of the Day #542 - Taymir

Hailing from The Netherlands, four piece band, Taymir are making catchy indie pop in the traditional beats of the 60s, but with the balls of the Arctic Monkeys and the venom of The Strokes.

Their members may only be between the ages of 16 and 23, but do not be fooled, these boys are making music with the talent that would place them well beyond their years. Their music is both heavy and tame enough to help you feel fulfilled in any mood. Last year they boys released their debut album ‘Phosphene’ with a sold out release show, which catapulted them right into the eye of fans and media being labelled ‘The most promising band for 2014’.

Band of the Day #541 - The Amazing Snakeheads

This Glasgow trio’s brutalist rock’n’roll teeters on a knife-edge between palpable menace and outright violence. They are breathlessly exciting and are said to be the band that are truly bringing back good old rock’n’roll, with all of its thunder and spine chills.

The Amazing Snakeheads take the familiar sounds of blues-punk and heavy rock and shape them into something that sounds fresh and new. Frontman, Dale Barclay is both captivating and almost hypnotic and combined with the rest of the band they make for a completely unforgettable live experience that we cannot wait to be a part of.

Band Of The Day #538 – The Crooked Brothers

Is there anything more Canadian than spending the cold Manitoba winters in a warm cabin log writing albums and then playing folk festivals from coast to coast in the summer? We don’t think there is – The Crooked Brothers do exactly that.
The trio craft not-so-ordinary folk music with their guitars, mandolins, dobros and banjos, but most importantly with their voices. They blend together effortlessly, creating beautiful tight harmonies complementing their natural instrumentation. It’s ‘music full of hips and hearts’ honouring the lows in life just as much as the highs.
We recommend you get your hands on their new Postcard EP, which is a limited series of postcards featuring artwork by The Crooked Brothers and friends.



--Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music