BAND OF THE DAY #213 - Karima Francis

Everyone is on the lookout for the new Adele or the new Florence or the new Amy. Well everyone needn’t look much further because the most talented female in British music right now is Karima Francis. She is soulful and tender and has that rare quality of being able to write straight from the heart with a truth and honesty that many musicians struggle so hard to convey in their music. She hails from the coastal town of Blackpool but bases herself in Manchester and has already got a debut album under her belt.

‘The Author’ was released back in 2009 and established Karima as a real British gem, however a couple of years hiatus was what Karima decided was best, presumably to perfect her craft, but she is now back and the world better have not forgotten her as she is back with even more refinement and gusto than before. Her new EP ‘Wherever You Go’ will be released in May and you can hear the lead single above. She is also currently touring the UK, fittingly playing small venues to give audiences the full effect of what her and her guitar can do, which is, and I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve seen her, pure magic.



--Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music