BAND OF THE DAY #352 – Clembutt

Clementine Creevy’s pop-infused grunge is one of the most recent sounds to travel across the seas from LA, hitting our ears with tidal waves of distortion and sweet, youthful vocals that seem to play with the rolling drums and guitar like an inquisitive child who’s just discovered a new toy. Creevy plays guitar and sings under the name Clembutt and seems to favour the rather more bizarre and unusual spectrum of things, both lyrically and when it comes to naming her tunes, take ‘Grilled Cheese’, a strangely seductive and lurid track about, well, grilled cheese.

Creevy also teams up with two other girls to form the band Cherry Glazerr, their Sub Pop sounding tracks can be heard under Clembutt’s personal Soundcloud. Have a listen here!

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