Band of the Day #567 - Orval Carlos Sibelius

So it seems summer has arrived in the UK and who better to soundtrack this glorious weather than Paris’ hottest export, Orval Carlos Sibelius. His glistening psychedelic tracks are bursting with warmth, optimism and such joyful vibes that they’ll even wash away the despair of The Great Escape having passed already.

And talking of The Great Escape, last Thursday Orval stepped up to play two shows on day one of the festival and despite the harsh weather hammering down on Brighton, his sunblushed set, jammed with soaring choruses transported the atmosphere to one of trippy, exotic euphoria. We promise if you need a lift, check out ‘Asteroids’ and that’ll do the trick. If you’re a fan of Real Estate, we recommend you give this a spin.

Once you’re hooked, don’t fret, you haven’t got too long to wait until new album ‘Super Forma’ drops on 2nd June. Give the new video a watch below.

Band of the Day #566 - Lola Colt

Taking their name from a 60s spaghetti western, Lola Colt are a powerful and imposing six-piece making some mind-bending psychedelia. These guys are already making a name for themselves as a much sought-after and anticipated new band through their sublime live performances which twist through their slow grooving, moody and spiraling sounds. A sound that turns the smallest of venues into a intensely-hypnotic psyche experience. A trait that they proved with ferocity on Thursday night in Bermuda Triangle at TGE14.

The band have already been noticed by influential names like Artrocker, Q Magazine, NME and Drowned in Sound so the future is certainly looking bright. New video ‘Diamonds’ premiered last week and is the second part to their new single ‘Vacant Hearts’, which is released next month.

If you weren’t able to catch them at TGE, make sure you get their Oslo show in your diaries. We know where we’ll be on 4th June…

Band of the Day #565 - New Desert Blues

From the South Coast of England, away from the glare of the capital, New Desert Blues have been carefully concocting Noire-infused, harmony-laden soundscapes since 2012, now possessing an arsenal of songs the next year looks to be a special one for the band.

Live, the band are really starting to cut their teeth. They’ve grabbed attention with their amazing performances supporting Peace and Wolf Alice and really stood out at this year’s Great Escape. Whilst doing so, the band have also recorded their new song ‘Milk&Honey’ in only 24h. The result is a gloomy soundscape throbbing with dense instrumentation and heavy vocals. With a name quite fitting for their music, we can’t wait to hear their full-lenght album, which they are currently working on. If you missed them this weekend, catch them live at The Lexington on June 2nd.

Band of The Day #563 - Nico Vega

Los Angeles-based rock trio Nico Vega are making music that showcases the band’s trademark blues-laden guitar rock, with soaring synths thrown in for good measure. Frontwoman, Aja’s fearless and passionate vocals round out their tracks, with simultaneously inspiring and action-inciting lyrics. Their music draws from intensely personal experiences and the band’s passion for art and politics to deliver some of the most poignant tunes in recent memory. The band will be heading down to Brighton’s sunny shores with us this week, make sure you catch their set on Friday at Brighthelm.

Band of The Day #561 - Deathcrush

Indomitable, adrenaline-fulled Norweigan noise-rockers, Deathcrush are more than just violent flicks of head and hair, rumbling basslines, gravelly guitar and warring vocals.

They are very close to the embodiment of all that’s good with dirty and intoxicating noise-rock and their reverbed, unyielding energy and fuzzed-out psych rock will have an audience seduced within seconds. The two outrageously cool frontwomen, Åse Røyset and Linn Nystadnes channel Kim Gordon at her nastiest over drummer Andreas Larssen’s Helmet nodding ballast. They’re melding hip hop with trash metal to create an experience you’ll never forget, both on and off stage. So make sure you are well warmed up before seeing them at The Great Escape this year.

Band of The Day #560 - Girl Band

Another band we’re excited to see at this year’s The Great Escape is Girl Band. The boyish quartet from Dublin deliver visceral, invigorating music with nods to Daft Punk and Nick Cave.

Although you might find it hard to track them down, with their name being slightly misleading (there is not a female member in sight), they are well worth the wait. These guys are loud, to say the least, the drums and bass add layers of dissonance, and the icing on the cake comes in the form of Dara Kiely, whose raging-bull vocal style is seemingly descended from the genius of Iggy Pop. Overall these guys deliver a full on experience that you’ll never forget.

Band of the Day #559 - Pablo Nouvelle

We can’t wait to hear what Swiss artist Pablo Nouvelle has in store for us at the year’s Great Escape. Describing his music as a mix of melancholic pop, modern soul and dance music, Pablo first entered the world of music producing hip hop beats.

His love for hip hop eventually lead him to discover the soul music of the 60s and 70s, which opened a whole world of new inspiration for him. He combines his love for soul as well as popular commercial music and crafts his own sound influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye to Radiohead to Wu-tang Clan. Pablo’s taking soul back to the future with a combination of new sounds and old samples and applying hip hop production to classic pop and soul, cutting and re-contextualising to and overall startling effect.

Check out ‘Poison’ below, it’s taken from the forthcoming EP due out in June, featuring familiar names like Lulu James, Fiona Daniels and ALX. We can’t wait.

Band of The Day #556 – Samaris

This Icelandic Trio has been haunting our ears since their formation in 2011. Breathtaking, atmospheric and delicate electronica layered with nods to 19th century Icelandic poetry and ghostly vocals make Samaris stand out.

After releasing their self-titled debut last year and receiving praise from all over the world; We are eagerly anticipating their follow up Silkidrangar (translates as “silk cliffs”) which will be released on May 5th, just in time for their performance at The Great Escape Festival. Teasing us Samaris have released their new single ‘Ég Vildi Fegin Verða’ yesterday, enchanting with stunning vocals floating on top of a minimal down-temp, electronic production. Make sure you check it out.

Band of The Day #555 – Bat and Ball

‘Stops My Mouth’ the new single by London based quartet Bat and Ball is released today via Jen Long’s Kissability label and the bands own label Hospital Samples. After heaps of praise by the likes of The Guardian, NME, The Line of Best Fit, to name but a few, for their debut EP ‘We Prefer It In The Dark’, the former Goldsmiths’ students are ready to follow up.

‘Stop My Mouth’ is sparse yet melodic and groovy with its stop-and-start, shimmering guitars. Reminiscent of London Grammar, Bat and Ball have received radio play by no other than tastemaker Huw Stephens himself, as well as Jen Long & Ally McCrae on BBC Radio 1.

One thing is for certain, their new single has only increased our anticipation for their debut album and we cannot wait to have them play at The Great Escape.

Band of The Day #554 - UNKNWN

UNKNWN is Belfast producer Chris Hanna. He started producing music under the moniker UNKNWN halfway through 2012, with the numbered series #001 - #010 and several remixes appearing on YouTube.

After a meeting through a mutual friend, he teamed up with Dublin-born producer/singer Gemma Dunleavy, and the two recorded the track “I Cry”. Since then they have permanently teamed up to work together as UNKNWN, recently joining Ben Pearce’s Purp & Soul agency. The pair make masterfully accomplised sounds. It’s murky and mysterious with disembodied vocal samples and strong echoes of Burial's haunted two-step.

Since teaming up, these guys have received support from the likes of Pitchfork, Boiler Room, BBC Radio 1, Annie Mac, John Talabot, Ben Pearce, The Needle Drop, Dummy, Noisey, Ellie Goulding, SPIN among others, and will be releasing their debut EP this Summer. Add them to your must-see list at TGE14.

Band of The Day #553 - Buffalo Daughter

Japanese sonic collagists Buffalo Daughter formed in 1993 and are made up of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists SuGar Yoshinaga and Yumiko Ohno along with turntablist Moog Yamamoto.

Their highly original sound is heavily influenced by German progressive rock and techno pop, fused with bits of dub, club, shoe gaze and post-rock influences. Given their mix and match style, and that they emerged in the mid-90s, they are often considered as part of the Shibuya-kei movement.These guys have certainly been making a mark with their music for quite some time now and we are excited to have them playing at this year’s Great Escape.

Band of The Day #552 - The Mispers

Considering that the word ‘Misper’ is a police term for a missing person, it’s no wonder that this alt-rock quintet from London decided to coin it as their moniker. It’s the perfect fit for their ideology; to break away from the ‘norm’ and start their own community of like-minded individuals and go missing together.

So far, these guys have a perfect record of sold-out shows and this speedy rise looks set to continue throughout 2014. With no boundaries or rules and the doors always open to their sweat-drenched world, this year’s Great Escape is the perfect time to disappear and discover The Mispers. Make sure you check out the video for ‘Brother’ below.

Band of The Day #551 – Black City Lights

You would not expect that this band, who call their music “dark pop” and “cold wave” are hailing from the quiet bay city of Wellington in New Zealand. Black City Lights are the dark opponent to the peacefulness Wellington might offer.

The duo is comprised of producer Calum Robb and Julia Catherina Parr, whose bold and expressive vocals beautifully compliment Robb’s ethereal and cinematic sound landscape. This mixture of dark voices and neon beats, hinting at Zola Jesus and The XX, has attracted international acclaim in only a short space of time.

Black City Lights have supported the likes of Grimes, Bathes and Van She and will be touring the UK throughout May and June, including a stop off at The Great Escape in Brighton.

Band of The Day #550 - Ghost Beach
Josh Ocean and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn are the New York based duo, Ghost Beach who are making waves with their synth-laden, 80s influenced, retro-future goodness.

The pair indulge in endless variations of pop, topped with epic guitar solos to shape their seductively great sound. This is feel-good, contagious music glazed with an impressive glitter factor. With Josh’s beautiful and flamboyant vocals paired with Eric’s soaring synths, guitars and forever young harmonies we’re expecting they will be heard from afar at The Great Escape this year. Make sure you check out their album ‘Blonde’ along with the killer new single ‘Miracle’.

Band of The Day #548 – Little Matador

Today marks the release of Little Matador’s self-titled debut album “Little Matador” – and what a beast of a record this is. Although they are a relatively new band, their members boost with rock’n’roll experience. Former Snow Patrol guitarist now turned front man Nathan Connolly put together a smashing quintet, whose members have played in the likes of Idlewild, The Frames and Tired Pony.

The band recorded their album together with producer Sam Bell in Metropolis Studios in London creating a debut which is filled with loudness, energy and pounding rock’n’roll beats. Empowering, aggressive, thrilling - it’s the perfect record to get dirty to. Little Matador will be gracing us with their presence on day 1 of TGE14.



--Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music