BAND OF THE DAY #163 - New Look

New Look's self-titled debut was issued on !K7, home to the mighty Chromeo and the DJ Kicks series. Vocals are by the brilliant Sarah Ruba, a part-time model who, with her producer/multi-instrumentalist husband Adam Pavao, has spent the last three years recording New Look in Brooklyn, as well as Berlin and their home town of Hamilton.

Apparently, they have experience in ambient jam bands (Pavao) and as jazz belters (Ruba), but mercifully they’ve put all that behind them and are focusing on shiny dubstep pop, or post-dubstep pop seeing as how it takes some of the rhythmical devices and production methods of dubstep and allies them to pure pop melodies. Yes, it would be nice just once for the producer/sidekick to be the woman and the frontperson/eye-candy to be the man, but these darlings of blogs and the style press, who recently supported The xx on tour, are such masters and mistresses of icy emotionality, we forgive them.



--Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music